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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow



In 2018, our founders Terrell Cuffee and Matika Sawyer noticed lack of community engagement and proper connection with resources that if left unchecked would lead to types of behavior that would be detrimental to the people.  Prior to Covid Mr. Cuffee and Mrs. Sawyer took the mantle of community leaders in the Campostella Square Community and began the journey that led to what you see today.  They began their journey by researching what's ingredients make for a positive, self-sustaining community.  Then they looked at what was missing and discovered that this community was very much in need of a physical, mental, and spiritual reformation.  They were nothing more than ordinary citizens who decided that change was necessary and to accomplish this goal it would require their own efforts.


We are now a 501(c3) non-profit in the city of Chesapeake.  We are a group of community leaders that have come together to work in conjunction with our available resources to Rescue, Restore, and Release struggling communities.  Through assessments and evaluations, we can resuscitate the conditions of the communities. With access to resources and building relationships such as with the local police departments targeting violence and gangs; also working with schools, libraries, and athletic departments we can determine what is needed to empower the community.  Ultimately we understand that the community members are the most important factor to the sustained success.

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